Mayor Bill de Blasio is headed to Iowa, looking for that 2020 kind of love.

  Unpopular at home in New York, where his approval rating is 43 percent, his worst showing since January 2017, and apparently bored by the chore of running one of the greatest cities in the world, Mr. de Blasio seems ready to succumb to the temptation that has lured so many other men in his position: a run for president.

  “Plenty of people” urge him to run, he told reporters Thursday. After the news conference his press office quietly let it be known that the mayor would speak at two events in Iowa this weekend.

  One local merchant’s expression of enthusiasm for a President de Blasio gave the mayor a little Twitter boost on Thursday. But mostly, the reaction in New York City to news that Mr. de Blasio was planning to spend time with voters on the campaign trail has been something like a collective groan.

  On Twitter, it ranged from angry to downright mean. “Any chance it’s a one-way trip?” Gerson Borrero, a television and radio commentator, and frequent critic of the mayor, quipped last week, when Mr. de Blasio said he planned to travel to New Hampshire. One former de Blasio staffer sent me a text with a string of four emojis meant to evoke the experience of laughing so hard that you cry.

  In the end, Mr. de Blasio postponed his New Hampshire travel after a police detective was killed by a fellow officer in a “friendly-fire” incident.

  Even though the mayor’s hometown is less than supportive of his ambitions, it was hard not to be at least a little hurt as he got ready to take his progressive agenda on the road.

  Had homelessness proven too much of a headache? Did the constant nagging over heating outages in city housing drive him away?

  What does Des Moines have that New York does not?

  It wasn’t always this way. Mr. de Blasio was elected in 2013 with more than 70 percent of the vote, and re-elected in 2017 with a nearly as impressive showing. Though he was never a favorite of the city’s political establishment, he has always been more popular among voters, particularly black and Hispanic ones. His prekindergarten plan gave thousands of children a better start. His focus on income inequality was righteous, and still is.

  But somewhere along the way, Mr. de Blasio — long known to prefer philosophical discussions about progressivism to the details of governing — started to seem a little checked out. A kind of malaise settled over Mr. de Blasio’s City Hall, something like a seven-year itch, several years too soon.

  It started with his “Progressive Agenda” campaign in 2015, which took him to Washington, D.C., and elsewhere until it ground to a halt after an Iowa presidential forum had to be canceled when none of the major candidates agreed to attend.

  Lately, Mr. de Blasio’s eye has begun to wander again as his administration faces one crisis after another.

  A federal monitor of the city’s public housing agency has been appointed, after the city bungled its handling of lead paint contamination that may have poisoned more than a thousand children since 2012. Homelessness has stubbornly continued to rise despite a roughly 0 million plan to address it. A marquee plan to turn around failing schools was an expensive failure.

  It turns out that he rarely meets with some of his commissioners anymore and is spending less and less time at the office. In his first year as mayor in 2014, his schedules showed he spent an average of 19 days per month at City Hall. By 2017, that figure had dropped to nine.

  But he found time to head to Los Angeles to schmooze with Bill Maher over health care.

  In Mr. de Blasio’s defense, being mayor can be drudgery.

  Last week he had to trudge to Albany, one of several joyless trips to the state capital in which the mayor is forced to beg for state aid and control of city schools.

  While there, he offered halfhearted support for the congestion pricing plan that may be New York’s best chance to pay to fix the city’s subways, which are frequently used by New Yorkers who don’t have a police convoy to take them to their gym.

  In Albany, one lawmaker wanted to know what Mr. de Blasio thought about a so-called pied-à-terre tax, which would levy an annual tax on second homes worth at least million in the hopes of raising funds to help address the city’s housing crisis. Curiously, Mr. de Blasio — usually enthusiastic about taxing the wealthy — just wouldn’t commit. Friday, Mr. de Blasio’s spokesman said the mayor does support the pied-à-terre tax. That’s good to know. For a minute, I thought he might be waiting to poll residents in Des Moines on the issue.

  If the mayor isn’t careful, New Yorkers might seek comfort elsewhere, too. Like, say from Lynne Patton, the Trump party planner-turned regional housing administrator, who from the looks of it is available.

  Ms. Patton has been living in public-housing projects in a nod toward solidarity with residents.

  Sure, she may be an odd choice of friend in a Democratic town. But some say it’s best to love the one you’re with.

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  高清跑狗玄机图期期中【而】“【机】【械】【僧】”【刹】【那】,【则】【从】【他】【钢】【铁】【战】【堡】【般】【的】【莲】【花】【宝】【座】【内】,【抽】【出】【十】【几】【挺】【威】【力】【强】【劲】【的】【长】【枪】【短】【炮】,【和】“【幻】【影】【枪】【神】”【莫】【追】【星】【对】【轰】【起】【来】。 【所】【谓】“【机】【械】【僧】”,【乃】【是】【穿】【越】【到】【地】【球】【上】,【只】【剩】【下】【半】【条】【命】【的】【修】【真】【者】,【和】【地】【球】【高】【科】【技】【结】【合】【的】【半】【人】【半】【机】【械】【产】【物】,【原】【本】【体】【积】【就】【远】【远】【超】【过】【普】【通】【人】【类】,【更】【可】【凭】【借】【一】【身】【绝】【强】【无】【匹】【的】【神】【通】,【稳】【定】【弹】【道】【并】【无】【视】【后】

  【进】【入】【道】【网】,【冥】【河】【给】【梅】【青】【发】【了】【个】【信】【息】,【很】【快】【梅】【青】【就】【出】【现】【在】【他】【的】【面】【前】。 【梅】【青】【有】【些】【诧】【异】,【自】【己】【这】【弟】【子】【找】【自】【己】【有】【何】【事】。 【心】【念】【一】【动】,【他】【就】【明】【白】【了】【冥】【河】【的】【来】【意】,【不】【由】【得】【微】【微】【一】【笑】。 【炼】【器】,【除】【了】【他】【自】【己】,【其】【实】【其】【他】【洪】【荒】【生】【灵】【也】【有】【尝】【试】,【毕】【竟】【先】【天】【灵】【宝】【有】【限】,【没】【有】【先】【天】【灵】【宝】【的】,【也】【想】【有】【一】【件】【属】【于】【自】【己】【的】【武】【器】,【提】【升】【自】【己】【的】【实】【力】

  【这】【日】【一】【大】【早】,【清】【舒】【起】【来】【到】【院】【子】【里】【打】【拳】。 【一】【套】【拳】【打】【完】【清】【舒】【满】【头】【是】【汗】,【接】【了】【毛】【巾】【一】【边】【擦】【汗】【一】【边】【说】【道】:“【几】【个】【月】【没】【打】【拳】,【现】【在】【一】【动】【全】【身】【疼】。” 【感】【觉】【身】【体】【都】【僵】【硬】【了】,【所】【以】【说】【平】【日】【里】【不】【动】【不】【行】【啊】! 【红】【姑】【说】【道】:“【打】【几】【次】【习】【惯】【就】【好】【了】。” 【早】【餐】【比】【较】【简】【单】,【粳】【米】【粥】【跟】【小】【笼】【包】【以】【及】【肉】【饼】,【还】【有】【鸡】【蛋】【跟】【羊】【奶】。 【福】【哥】【儿】【啃】

  【所】【以】【无】【论】【如】【何】,【萧】【炎】【都】【会】【把】【陈】【厉】【给】【杀】【掉】,【这】【是】【肖】【枫】【的】【夙】【愿】,【萧】【炎】【以】【肖】【枫】【的】【身】【份】【活】【着】,【那】【么】【这】【些】【仇】【怨】,【萧】【炎】【也】【必】【须】【将】【其】【解】【决】【掉】,【对】【于】【肖】【枫】【是】【一】【种】【解】【脱】,【对】【于】【萧】【炎】【也】【少】【了】【一】【些】【麻】【烦】【事】。 【陈】【厉】【隐】【藏】【的】【极】【深】,【他】【之】【所】【以】【这】【段】【时】【间】【并】【没】【有】【打】【算】【收】【拾】【萧】【炎】,【是】【因】【为】【他】【如】【今】【也】【在】【全】【速】【修】【炼】,【对】【于】【第】【九】【重】【天】【的】【殿】【主】【位】【置】【也】【是】【觊】【觎】【在】【望】,

  【杜】【云】【峰】【闻】【言】【不】【由】【点】【了】【点】【头】。 【镇】【龙】【仙】【尊】【道】:“【不】【过】【玉】【帝】【告】【诉】【老】【夫】【说】【魔】【界】【的】【魔】【龙】【已】【经】【率】【先】【破】【坏】【了】【规】【矩】,【仙】【界】【的】【仙】【龙】【有】【些】【招】【架】【不】【住】【了】,【请】【天】【庭】【派】【兵】【助】【它】【们】【一】【臂】【之】【力】。【当】【时】【玉】【帝】【说】【天】【庭】【兵】【力】【有】【限】,【还】【需】【要】【支】【援】【其】【他】【世】【界】,【希】【望】【老】【夫】【能】【够】【挺】【身】【而】【出】,【带】【着】【一】【伙】【修】【士】【前】【往】【三】【江】【界】【支】【援】【仙】【龙】【族】。 【后】【来】【老】【夫】【答】【应】【了】,【带】【着】【老】【夫】【的】【弟】高清跑狗玄机图期期中【石】【天】【的】【破】【坏】【力】【极】【其】【强】【大】,【整】【整】【一】【个】【时】【辰】,【方】【圆】【几】【里】【的】【房】【屋】【树】【木】【便】【被】【它】【破】【坏】【的】【狼】【狈】【不】【堪】。【清】【安】【尘】【飞】【在】【半】【空】【中】【与】【它】【打】【斗】【了】【几】【个】【回】【合】【终】【于】【体】【力】【不】【支】【掉】【落】【在】【了】【一】【处】【草】【丛】【中】。 【他】【呲】【着】【牙】【咧】【着】【嘴】【的】【从】【地】【上】【坐】【起】,【揉】【了】【揉】【后】【背】【痛】【苦】【道】:“【你】【爷】【爷】【的】,【我】【今】【日】【就】【要】【制】【服】!”【气】【势】【汹】【汹】【的】【拿】【起】【手】【边】【的】【剑】【站】【起】【身】【来】,【他】【飞】【上】【半】【空】【中】【试】【着】【用】【师】


  【这】【可】【就】【是】【太】【糟】【心】【了】! 【更】【糟】【心】【的】【是】,【随】【后】【它】【发】【现】,【所】【有】【的】【红】【尘】【蝎】【仿】【佛】【都】【在】【这】【一】【刻】,【不】【约】【而】【同】【地】【丧】【失】【了】【与】【生】【俱】【来】【的】【认】【路】【天】【赋】,【作】【为】【一】【只】【睿】【智】【的】【红】【尘】【蝎】【王】,【它】【迅】【速】【安】【抚】【了】【子】【孙】【后】【代】【们】【躁】【动】【的】【情】【绪】。 【而】【一】【番】【斟】【酌】【后】,【它】【坚】【信】【问】【题】【可】【能】【出】【在】【陆】【云】【遥】【和】【木】【七】【七】【身】【上】。 【毕】【竟】,【它】【们】【为】【了】【避】【开】【无】【妄】【之】【灾】【都】【特】【意】【搬】【迁】【到】【荒】【无】【人】【烟】

  【厉】【琛】【泽】【轻】【轻】【咳】【嗽】【了】【一】【声】,【不】【知】【道】【是】【想】【到】【了】【什】【么】【东】【西】,【随】【即】【就】【这】【么】【一】【脸】【淡】【定】【又】【十】【分】【冷】【漠】【地】【看】【着】【面】【前】【的】【程】【可】【乐】。 “【怎】【么】【了】?” 【程】【可】【乐】【似】【乎】【察】【觉】【到】【了】【一】【丝】【丝】【的】【不】【对】【劲】,【便】【试】【探】【着】【开】【口】【问】【道】。 【厉】【琛】【泽】【开】【口】:“【我】【很】【认】【真】【的】【想】【了】【一】【下】。” “【嗯】……” “【我】【觉】【得】,【我】【不】【能】【因】【为】【跟】【你】【结】【婚】【了】,【就】【对】【你】【比】【较】【宽】【容】。”

  【六】【点】【一】【到】,【宴】【会】【正】【式】【开】【始】。【主】【持】【人】,【开】【始】【登】【场】。 【主】【持】【一】【共】【两】【位】,【一】【男】【一】【女】,【男】【的】【俊】【俏】【女】【的】【靓】【丽】,【这】【俩】【人】【就】【像】【讲】【相】【声】【不】【知】【不】【觉】【的】【就】【将】【现】【场】【的】【气】【氛】【带】【动】【了】【起】【来】。 【十】【分】【钟】【后】,【现】【场】【的】【气】【氛】【彻】【底】【的】【燃】【了】【起】【来】。【见】【状】,【男】【主】【持】【不】【慌】【不】【忙】【的】【将】【话】【题】【引】【到】【了】【今】【天】【的】【三】【位】【嘉】【宾】【上】,【然】【后】【开】【始】【一】【一】【介】【绍】【这】【三】【位】【的】【身】【份】【和】【获】【得】【的】【荣】【誉】。



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